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Legal information about this website (waiver/disclaimer)

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Privacy and Security Statement

The Village of Chipman is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information you may provide when visiting our website. Part of that commitment is to explain what information may be collected and why, how it will be used and who may have access to it.

This privacy statement applies to interactions with the Village of Chipman Web server. It does not apply to any other website. Following is an overview of our website practices.

Personal Information

When you visit Village of Chipman websites, you do so anonymously - there is no need to tell us who you are. If you submit a form or make an enquiry, we will ask you to provide your name and mailing address or e-mail address for the purpose of responding to your enquiry. Only those who “need to know” will have access to the personal information provided.

Logging Practices

Our logging is passive and we don't use technologies such as “cookies” or “Web bugs” to maintain any information on site visitors.

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